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June 2024 Spotlight

Spotlight Focus: Annual In-Service Training Requirements

As we approach the training year deadline of June 30, 2024, we would like to use this month’s spotlight to identify some best practices and reminders when it comes to completing the annual in-service training requirements.  We will use a frequently asked questions format, however, please know that you can call us during business hours with any additional questions.  Our hope is that June communication and the following best practices reduce or eliminate the need for an extension.

  1. What are the minimum requirements for training to count towards the annual in-service hours? 
    • The training must relate directly to a law enforcement topic and;
    • The training must be approved in advance by the agency head or the agency head’s designee. 

  2. Are there different training classifications and a maximum number of hours that an officer can record for any given training discipline? 
    • Yes. For example, only 16 hours of firearms training will count towards an officer’s 40 hours of mandatory training.  Agencies can submit any amount of firearms training in the Central Registry, however there is a maximum of 16 hours that will accrue towards the mandatory 40 hours.  Other limitations exist for instructor hours, media hours, EMT hours and field training officer hours.  Please see the August 2023 Spotlight on our website for a greater examination of this question. 

  3. I don’t know how many hours I have and how many more are needed by June 30th. How can I get this information? 
    • Every officer has individual access to their training records, and agencies have access to look up all officers within that agency.  Individual officers that don’t have a username and password should look at the June 2023 Spotlight for instructions on how to attain access to their training records.  We highly encourage officers to view their records and talk to their administration if any discrepancies exist.  We also highly encourage agency heads to review the Department Summary Report to ensure personnel have attained their hours. 
  4. I had to get a 10-hour extension last year.  How many hours do I need for this training year?  What will that look like when I view my Central Registry training records?  
    • If an officer received an extension for the previous training year, the extension hours will show in the “Extension Hours” column of the Department Summary Report.  The officer’s requirement for the current training year is 40 plus the hours of the extension.  In this example, the officer’s requirement would be 50 hours for the current training year.  The database automatically makes these calculations, and it is reflected in the “Hours Remaining” column on the Department Summary Report.

  5. I had an officer that was deployed in the military for 9 months this past year.  Is the officer still mandated to get 40 hours of in-service training? 
    • No, not if KSCPOST has been notified of the officer’s leave.  An Officer Status Change form should have been submitted when the officer was placed on leave and then resubmitted when the officer returned from leave.  Please see the October 2022 Spotlight on our website for further detail.  There is one caveat, KSCPOST does not waive the statutorily mandated annual firearms proficiency, nor the statutorily mandated racial or other biased-based policing requirements. 

  6.  I am part-time certified.  Am I required to get training? 
    • Yes.  After basic training completion, part-time officers are not required to get 40 hours of annual continuing education as required for full-time officers.  However, they must still meet the annual firearms qualification requirement per K.S.A. 74-5607(e), and part-time officers must participate in annual racial or other biased-based policing training per K.S.A. 22-4610(c)(2)(A). This training should be reported to the POST’s Central Registry.  Although these two areas are the only required annual training for part-time officers, agencies should not construe this spotlight as a suggestion that part-time officers would not benefit from additional annual training.  It is the absolute minimum amount of annual training required for part-time officers.

  7. I am full-time certified and classified as part-time employed.  What is my annual training requirement to maintain my full-time certification?
    • Officers who are full-time certified and classified as part-time employed in the Central Registry are not required for the 40 hours of annual continuing education.  Please see the above bullet-point regarding training for part-time certified officers.  If the officer becomes classified as full-time employed, then that officer’s 40-hour requirement begins upon the date of full-time employment.

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As we all strive to become more professional, efficient, and effective, we hope you found this spotlight topic to be informative and beneficial.   A new topic will be chosen each month and emailed to those that have signed up to receive updates.   If you have a topic that you would like KSCPOST to examine in future spotlights, please contact us.

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