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July 2024 Spotlight

Spotlight Focus: State Mandatory Reporting for
Kansas Law Enforcement Agencies

This month’s spotlight is on the timely subject of mandatory reporting.  Timely, because now is the time for agencies to report any biased based policing complaints/investigations to the attorney general’s office.  Even if there were not any complains between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024, reporting is required.  In this spotlight, we will identify the statutorily mandated reporting requirements for all Kansas Law Enforcement Agencies.  It is important to note that these reporting requirements are mandated no matter the size of the law enforcement agency. 

Along similar lines, please see the March 2024 spotlight on written policies that are statutorily mandated.  All past spotlights are cataloged on the KSCPOST website for future reference, and we encourage all officers and administrators to subscribe for the monthly spotlight emails on our website.    

The information provided in this spotlight does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available as a result of this spotlight are for general informational purposes only.  Agencies are encouraged to contact their own legal counsel for questions of law and development of policy. 

Mandatory reporting statutes and excerpts:

  1.  Reports, Biased based policing – KSA 22-4610(d)
    • ……Each law enforcement agency shall compile an annual report for the period of July 1 to June 30 and shall submit the report on or before July 31 to the office of the attorney general for review…..

  2. Reports, Certain abuse or neglect of children– KSA 38-2223
    • [When a law enforcement officer] ….. has reason to suspect that a child has been harmed as a result of physical, mental or emotional abuse or neglect or sexual abuse, the person shall report the matter promptly…….to the Kansas Department for Children and Families. 

  3. Reports, Forfeiture, civil assets – KSA 60-4127
    • ……. each seizing agency shall report information concerning each seizure for forfeiture to the Kansas asset seizure and forfeiture repository as required by this section and the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to this section…….. The seizing agency shall submit the required information to the [KBI] repository within 60 days after the final disposition of the forfeiture.  Please be aware that major changes to the civil asset forfeiture laws became effective on July 1, 2024.

  4. Reports, Missing persons, duties of law enforcement agencies – KSA 75-712c
    • All law enforcement agencies of the state of Kansas, or any political subdivision thereof, shall accept and process, without delay, any report of a missing person by any person at any time…... Upon a determination that a missing person is a high-risk missing person, the law enforcement agency shall immediately and specifically make such determination known to the missing and unidentified person system of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and cause the information to be entered into the missing person system of the national crime information center as soon as possible after the minimum information to make such entry is received.

  5. Reports, Missing persons, unidentified person or remains – KSA 75-712g
    • Any law enforcement agency of a political subdivision of this state shall receive reports of any unidentified persons or human remains. The law enforcement agency shall enter the report immediately, and in no case later than 24 hours after receipt of the report, into the missing person system of the national crime information system and the missing and unidentified person system of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

  6. Reports, Motor vehicle accidents, officers to report – KSA 8-1611
    • Every law enforcement officer who…  investigates a vehicle accident of which a report must be made as required, or otherwise prepares a written report for such an incident … shall forward a written report of such accident to the department of transportation within 10 days after investigation of the accident.

  7. Reports, Motor Vehicle Accidents, forms – KSA 8-1612 
    • Every accident report required to be made in writing shall be made on the appropriate form approved by the department of transportation and shall contain all the information required therein unless not available.

  8. Reports, Offenses and Methamphetamine Laboratory Seizures, Waste Discovery and Attempted or Completed Theft of Anhydrous Ammonia- KSA 21-2501a 
    • All law enforcement agencies having the responsibility of maintaining a permanent record of offenses shall file with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, on a form approved by the attorney general, a report on each offense for which a permanent record is required within 72 hours after such offense is reported or known to have been committed.
    • It is hereby made the duty of every sheriff, police department or countywide law enforcement agency in the state to report within 30 days, on forms approved by the attorney general, any methamphetamine laboratory seizures or dump sites and any theft or attempted theft of anhydrous ammonia that occurs in such agency's jurisdiction.

Special thanks to KACP, KSA and KPOA lobbyist and Retired Topeka Police Chief Ed Klumpp for the assistance on this month’s spotlight. 

As we all strive to become more professional, efficient, and effective, we hope you found this spotlight topic to be informative and beneficial.   A new topic will be chosen each month and emailed to those that have signed up to receive updates.   If you have a topic that you would like KSCPOST to examine in future spotlights, please contact us.

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