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Kansas Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training

Course Rules

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Firearms Course Management Rules

KS·CPOST 50 Round Annual Handgun Qualification Course
(Adopted August 2, 2005)

Targets: Agencies must use either the FBIQ or IALEFIQ target for the adopted qualification course of fire.

Ammunition Management: There are no required, timed reloads in this course of fire. Ammunition management is the responsibility of the shooter.

Scoring: Scoring will consist of counting any round that touches fully or partially, the shaded, silhouette portion of the target. A passing score will be 35 or more hits on the target equaling 70% or above.

Deviations from Course: No deviations from this course of fire are authorized or permitted during annual firearms qualification shoots. NO EXCEPTIONS

Alibis: Alibis will only be granted for weapon or ammo induced malfunctions. No alibis will be granted for shooter induced malfunctions, time violations or ammunition management issues.

Definitions: Alibis are defined as those shots allowed after time has lapsed and weapon induced malfunction has been corrected or the defective ammunition has been replaced.

Threat Ready is defined as the shooter having the weapon presented to the target in a two-handed grip. The weapon is lowered to allow complete visibility of threat over the top of the weapon.

A String of Fire is defined as a continuous series of shots fired between the commands to fire and cease fire.

Agency Discretion: The annual handgun qualification course of fire may be shot either cold or hot barrel at the discretion of the agency administrator.