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Annual Firearm Qualification Required: Full & Part-time Officers

KS·CPOST requires that all full-time and part-time police officers and law enforcement officers as defined by KSA 74-5602(f) must qualify (achieve a passing score of 70% or greater in accordance with course management rules) at least once annually on the KS·CPOST statewide firearms qualification course of fire. There is no established or set time during the Training Year when the required annual firearms qualification must occur; however, officers must complete the KS·CPOST qualification process with their duty weapon on or before the last day of each Training Year.

If your agency currently reports in-service training online, you may login with the "Electronic Reporting" link below. When entering the training course under "Add Training", you will need to classify the course as "Firearms" and click the checkbox the states "Please check this box if this training was toward the KSCPOST Firearms Qualification Requirement".